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Too many projects, too little time.

Featured Projects

Scout Upstate

Scout Upstate is a digital guide to Upstate New York, particularly the Catskills / Hudson Valley region. While still a work-in-progress, it currently includes an extensive guide to attractions in Upstate New York and a blog about news and events in the area. An improved design, more listings, additional guides, and a regional calendar are all in the works.

The site is built with React/Next.js, and the web backend is currently a simple NodeJS service proxying the Airtable API.

Past Projects


I was an organizer of Unhackathon since the organization’s beginning.

Unhackathon is a series of events and related resources for developing as a programmer. We started with the goal of improving student hackathon culture by discouraging machismo, encouraging helping each other, and focusing on learning rather than competition. We were one of the first student-run hackathons to feature (and enforce) a strong code of conduct and to implement social guidelines (adapted from the Recurse Center’s social rules). We made sure we served nourishing food at our events and provided rooms for napping. Mentorship from industry and academia has always been an important part of our events.

Future Projects?

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the lists I’ve made outlining some other projects I am working on or thinking about. It’s clearly overly ambitious, but that’s okay. I believe in dreaming big and exploring multiple options before choosing a path. Hopefully some of these projects will move up to the featured section soon, when I have more to say about them.

  • The Ocular Society (films and fun).
  • Lost Weekend (weekend adventures).
  • Melange (“predictive” analytics).
  • Waltonians (building the future of Walton).
  • Code Orange (Code for America brigade for Walton).
  • Civic Analytics(local analytics).
  • The Citizenry (tools for representative government).
  • Public Works Co. (open source tools for public works and government administration).
  • Hacker Supply (Svpply for makers).
  • The Ruralist (a magazine for Upstate New York).
  • All Together Now (community building consultancy and design collective).
  • Good Works Co. (furniture, design, and branding)
  • Random Hacks of Kindness (unexpected acts for good).
  • Internetland (internet community in real life).
  • Wayfarers (indie travel guide brand).
  • World Festivals Guide (cultural festivals around the world).
  • Swift Schedule (scheduling app).
  • Zero Proof (mocktail recipes iOS app).
  • Resourceful Society (life skills / learning for all ages).
  • 1,000 Things to Know (book or blog of important skills and knowledge).
  • Ogdens’ General Store (general store, local goods, books, and art gallery).
  • Gather (a coworking space).
  • Reficite (video documentary of a small town revival).
  • Coffee Mornings (morning meetup for local creatives and do-gooders).
  • MaptimeWalton (maps and geography for all).
  • Homegrown (garden, fruit trees, flowers, rabbits, aquaponics).
  • Handiwork (an inclusive maker space).
  • Upstate Weekend (guide to upstate weekend travel).
  • Junta (food, debate, and knowledge sharing).
  • Suddenly (a popup store or art gallery).
  • Tiny (an independent publishing venture).
  • Press (risograph printing and letterpress).
  • The Forge (after school STEAM program).
  • The Eolian (a community built pub).
  • Triva Night (trivia or puzzle solving event).
  • Things from Scratch (making things, the hard way).
  • Smart Home (IoT for my house).
  • Neighborly (hyperlocal news site and tools).
  • Strive (web development and digital marketing consulting).
  • OpenRecipes Search (Punchfork clone).
  • Summerland (a castle, private island, or woodland retreat).