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Hello! You’ve reached the personal site of Christopher Ogden. I’m a software developer with too many side projects. I originally chose to major in CS so that I could bring my ideas to fruition through code. I see myself as a generalist and lament the split of western intellectual endeavors into “the two cultures” of science and the humanities1.

Exploring Ideas

Here are some interests I’d like to explore (on this blog and elsewhere):

  • Design - responsive web design, architecture, the role of design in the modern world, and “What is design?”
  • Alternative economies - P2P production, collaborative consumption, alternative funding models
  • Scientific computing and biotechnology - I’m fascinated by the (now defunct) Nemaload project, despite understanding none of it
  • Geoinformatics - reading Charlie Loyd’s blog (and newsletter!) has me fascinated with the field of GIS and remote sensing
  • Journalism - investigative journalism, slow big picture “stories”, drone and sensor journalism, and citizen journalism
  • Participatory government - Brickstarter, vTaiwan, civic hacking, and open data
  • Publishing - small presses, art books, content management systems, and collaborative writing systems (e.g. Editorially, RIP)
  • Education/learning - better textbooks (and other resources), education reform, new schools, apprenticeships, and
  • Reading - few things are better than a good book
  • Farmsteading - hydroponics, aquaponics, cash crops, permaculture, orchards, small animals, and beekeeping


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  1. The notion of the two cultures comes from a lecture and book by C.P. Snow. I have not (yet) read more than a brief summary.