Current Projects

Scout Upstate - A travel guide for Upstate New York.

The Waltonian - A newsletter for my hometown: Walton, NY.

I’ve Helped With

Elderkin Christmas Tree Farm - Selling trees at the family tree farm.

Unhackathon - A student hackathon with a focus on diversity/inclusion.

Things I’ve Been Thinking About

Brewing kombucha, fermentation, making high quality ice cream / popsicles, letterpress and stationery, strong towns, governance, a recommendation service for home maintenance, e-commerce, gardening (esp. flowers), hydroponics, organizations for community improvement, lifelong learning, molecular biology, a community calendar, zine-making, perfumery, machine learning, and more.

My Skills

  • Software engineering, mainly
  • A bunch of other things, to no particular degree

Open Invitation

If you’d like to collaborate on something here (or something of your own), shoot me an email: