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24 Apr 2013
Practice Resurrection

I finally got around to watching Skyfall1 last weekend. In one scene, Bond is asked about his hobbies. “Resurrection” is his reply.2 It reminded me of a catchphrase I devised in the past: “Practice resurrection”. It was catchy, but not knowing what it meant made it rather hard to use. Now I’ve got a better idea. It goes hand in hand with the goal of making mistakes.

Fall. Get up. Fall. Get back up again. “Practice resurrection.”

  1. A thrilling, and also deeply disturbing film. I’m referring to the scene in which Bond slips, uninvited, into the shower of an abused woman deeply in need of help, not sexual partners. 

  2. In the opening scenes Bond is shot and falls a great distance from the roof of a train into waterfalls below. Everyone believes him dead.