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21 Oct 2012
Weekly Dispatch, Week 3

I missed a week. Oops. Since I send a weekly email to my sister summarizing the week, I still have a record of what I’ve been up to. But I’m not going to bother recapping it here. I’ll stick with what’s fresh in my mind.

It’s been a week over-saturated with homework, to the point where some of it was never done or, in one case, never started. Ouch! But despite all that, this weekend was surprisingly free. Few imminent deadlines, for once.

And that worked out very nicely, because my parents and my sister Heather were able to come down to Long Island for a visit. We spent the day in beautiful Huntington and saw the movie Looper before they dropped me off back at Stony Brook.

Other than that, I’ve had a bit of time to update my Sparks File and check some items off my reading list (I’ve been copying links to a text file when I haven’t had time to read them immediately). And on Quora I wondered, “Is there a way to check for undocumented methods in Netbeans?” I know it’s a good coding practice to document methods before writing any code, but sometimes one forgets…

I’ve some postcards and emails I’d like to write, so that’s it for now. Farewell.