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07 Oct 2012
Weekly Dispatch, Week 1

I had intended to start these weekly dispatches after writing Working on It, but I came down with a cold that lasted two weeks and I was also very busy with assignments and exams. So here’s some catch up, if I can remember anything. (Also, I had intended this to be a progress report, but you’ll have to excuse my lack of progress for now.)

  1. I’ve been on Quora a lot recently, but I haven’t written many answers or asked many questions in a while. I did post an answer today, though, to a question I myself posed a few months ago:

    My answer to “What are things every young adult should know?”

    I’d love to have more answers to that question, and this one as well: “What is The Fable of the Bees?”

  2. Lately, I’ve been reading the first half of Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun. It’s brilliant, confusing, and disturbing, all at once. As I posted to Facebook the other day, “Shadow & Claw has got to be one of the strangest books I’ve ever read. I’m about 300 pages in, and there’s so much going on. They just ate the corpse of the protagonist’s first love…”

    I may finish the book tonight, but I’m not sure there will be much resolution. I do see myself ordering the second half from Amazon soon.

  3. Transitions. Lamenting the gradual decay of dear friendships of old. Happy to have made some new friends recently. I am happy, but can’t help being sad.

    Considering the future. I know more and more what I want and what I don’t. But how to get there? Mostly work, hard work, and is there time? I tell myself to relax. And I have, a little more than usual.

    But how about now? What can I do now, right now? (Besides doing the work, that is.) Most things worth having take a fair amount of effort to attain, but is there something I could attain now if only I realized what it was I’m after? Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions, and that’s why the answers are so befuddling.

  4. I’m excited about the future of the Stony Brook Computing Society, our local student ACM chapter. I’m serving as Vice President of the club this year, and we’ve seen a great resurgence in membership since I joined the club less than two years ago. I remember meetings where there were only perhaps five other students present. In fact, this was the norm at the time. We recruited heavily at the start of this semester (our “Geek Games” puzzle hunt was a huge success) and we now have up to 60 members attending each of our general body meetings.

    At our meeting Friday, we brainstormed events and other ideas in preparation for our budget. If we are able to do half of those things, this will be an amazing year. And working with Hanne, Eric, and Phil (my fellow officers) I’m confident we can make that happen.