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07 Oct 2012
Some things I believe in

  • Christian Minimalism1
  • Fallibilism
  • The serial comma
  • Evolution
  • The importance of self-reflection
  • That I know nothing
  • Intellectual property law reform
  • Solving “Wicked Problems”
  • It’s not my job to change the world single-handedly
  • Bless the Toolmakers2
  1. “God is Love.” 1 John 4:8

    I like this line I found here: “Everything else; doctrine, theology, tradition, ritual, must be secondary.” 

  2. Refer to Robin Sloan’s Bless the Toolmakers.

    You should certainly read this post, but be aware that it does not offer a straightforward conclusion. If you decide to skip it (shame on you), the gist of the article is that it’s okay to build tools that don’t scale, that software developers don’t need to build software that facilitates millions of transactions. Because scale has its cost. We may enable creation en masse, but then we are removed from the creative act. What if those “people with toolmaking abilities spent their time and talent on artistic endeavors too”?

    Louis-Jean Teitelbaum’s response, from which the previous quotation is taken, is also worth a read.