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25 Mar 2012

Note: This is an article I wrote quite some time ago, for publication on a blog called Cancrizans, when I first started using the app TeuxDeux, and then revised more recently for a student publication I was trying to establish. TeuxDeux has gotten some super slick updates since this was written, so instead of reading here, better just check it out here!

Last year, I arrived at college with an assignment planner I had purchased in the weeks before school started, and received another one at orientation shortly after. After the first week, I was using neither.

There were a few reasons why assignment planners were not working as I needed them to. With the rush to get from one class to the next, or simply to clear the room for the next class, it was easier to grab whatever slip of paper that was nearest to hand (especially in the lecture halls, where the only desks are the folding contraptions attached to the chairs, making organization difficult). Additionally, many assignments are given outside of class (most commonly through Blackboard) and it was an annoyance to have to constantly extract my assignment planner from my backpack. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, static assignment planners were not the most efficient or effective method, when dealing with extended deadlines and a large variety of tasks.

I soon devised or, rather, discovered another solution. The fine folks at Swissmiss and Fictive Kin have created a simple and effective to-do list web app called TeuxDeux. It’s an easy matter to create an account, and then all one has to do is enter tasks into columns by day of week. If one needs to, there’s a calendar to quickly navigate to past and future weeks. To mark a task as complete, all one needs to do is click on the text denoting that task; it will then appear crossed out. Uncompleted tasks roll over to the current day, so one doesn’t have to worry about forgetting (although, shame on you for not getting it done on time!).

I keep TeuxDeux open in a pinned tab in Chrome, so it’s never more than a click or two away. I’ve tried other apps with the same goal, but this is the first I’ve been happy with (Wunderlist, for example, is just too slow). TeuxDeux is simple, but it gets the job done.